Well, f*ck.

This morning I fixed the gzip problem and updated the phpBB installation to 3.3.11.
Softlicious insisted it made a backup at each stage.

This afternoon, the board broke.
The backups haven't worked, not my ones, not the softlicious automatic ones.
The database is broken and restoring the board seems beyond my capabilities.

I hate this.
I poured a lot of myself into oolite over the years, and this board was my last bit of that.
And I don't have the time or the talent to restore it.
So, I think I have to move on.
You can contact me still as giles@aegidian.org.

I'm going to bed, sad, and a bit depressed.

The next day: 25 Feb 2024

So, thanks for your emails.

I understand those folks who think I should press on with trying to get the board working, but honestly the databases are completely borked.

Downloads of the last backups are available, email me for them.

I'm setting up a space here where some of you can have FTP accounts for oolite.aegidian.org, and admin accounts for a new phpbb installation there.

If necessary, I can do the work to have a new domain name point there too.

I won't be involved any longer, although I may have a user account on the forum.

I'm lucky that my work now allows me to pay for this space without worrting as I usaed to, and that the SSL certificate shouldn't be a worry either.

Contact me as giles@aegidian.org while I look for someone to hand the reins to.

I hope there'll shortly be something for you at oolite.aegidian.org

In the meantime I'm going to copy this file there, and then expect this page to change!