Public Release of Version 1.20

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Public Release of Version 1.20

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Major changes to Version 1.20 from version 1.10

• Oolite now compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8.
• Several important bug fixes (thanks to Steve Sims, and No Sleep)!
• Fuel Injector sound effects.
• AI Tweaks.
• Implemented formation flying and group behaviour for traders, police and pirates.
• Changed the scheme which decides where you end up after a Galactic Hyperspace jump, fixing a bug in the first mission.
• HUD choice implemented as a variable for the player ship.
• Updated ratings from old geometric progression, to lumpier version from
• Several new ships.
• Some new equipment.
• Adjusted ranges for lasers.

Download (20.2Mb) from any of these links:

A 'lite' version (9.1Mb with midi music instead of mp3) can be downloaded from: ... ...
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