Announcing Oolite v1.84

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Announcing Oolite v1.84

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Commanders, we are launching.

Oolite version 1.84 has been released and is now available for download from the Oolite website. Windows 32/64 bit, Linux 32/64 bit and OS X 64 bit binaries are available.

In v1.84 we have added a number of new features, the main ones being the option of multiple laser mounts for all ships, an extension to the external views system which enables the use of a free-roaming camera, improvements to the Galactic Chart user interface to enable quicker and easier retrieval of system information, addition of new Javascript methods and properties, as well as some lighting and engine related improvements. As always, we have fixed a good number of reported bugs too and are confident that this version will offer a solid and satisfying gaming experience. You can find a more detailed description of the features in this version in our What's New page at the Oolite website, while the full set of changes since v1.82 can be found at the end of this announcement.

Thank you all for your support and help throughout the development of v1.84. We are looking forward to your feedback, together with any suggestions that you may have for making the Oolite Experience an even better one.

Enjoy the game!


Changes between Oolite 1.82 and Oolite 1.84:

* Added shipdata property to OXP verifier
* HUD messages can now be drawn under the console messages
* Tumbling ships on demo screens now do so in a more interesting way,
more reminiscent of the original BBC Elite way of tumbling
* All ships can now carry multiple lasers
* Removing the entire trumbles array from the savefile is now recognized
as a cheat
* Atmospheric fog is now applied also with shaders enabled
* Windows only: Entering the OXZ info screen in the OXZ Manager copies
the OXZ's info URL to clipboard automatically
* Added mobile external view camera
* Added ability to inspect system information for all systems along ANA route
* Added distance information to system info screen

Expansion pack development:

Modified Plists:
* planetinfo.plist: link_color can be defined both ways in interstellar space
for gradient effects (also works via JS)
* planetinfo.plist: Star and nebula count multipliers are now floats rather
than unsigned integers, making multipliers like 0.5 etc. possible

* Main planet radius can now be set by script if not in the same system
* Allow "concealment" parameter in systeminfo for selectively displaying information
about a system
* playerDockingClearanceExpired world event
* player.ship.hudAllowsBigGui property
* shipDumpedCargo ship script event
* oolite.resourcePaths property for retrieving the list of currently running OXPs
in Javascript
* player.audioMessage method, speaks a message without displaying anything on screen
* player.stopAudioMessage method, stops any message currently being spoken
* Allow setting of null values (i.e. unset) for sun/corona properties
* playerStartedAutopilot event now fires after the docking music has started playing
* player.ship.infoSystem property
* infoSystemChanged world script event

Bug fixes:
* Fix some full-screen resolution changes on Windows
* Fix entry of '*' OXZ filter taking screenshot
* Fix nova system description
* Fix exhaust drawing when far from origin
* Fix some docking computer/queue problems
* Again allow commodity name as well as key in cargo_carried
* Fix texture generation on secondary planets inheriting too many properties from primary
* Fix bug with equipment scripts and can_carry_multiple
* Scanner "V" now follows FOV changes
* Comms / console GUIs are now properly repositioned on screen resize
* Tidied up drawing of galactic chart so that behaviour is consistent on chart based
mission screens
* Fixed mission screen charts to show routes properly
* Fixed rare case of memory leak under Windows, when the game was getting minimized by
means of Windows hotkey combinations while running in fullscreen
* Cargo hold status is now reported correctly on fuel scoop icon also when docked
* Missile desired speed is now set to maximum speed on launch
* Fixed bug in search for connected systems while galactic jumping
* Fixed rare exception that could happen when switching to a player ship without missiles
and back
* More than one connected joysticks are now listed correctly in the stick mapper screen
* Fixed repair of cargo space requiring equipment requiring cargo space as well
* Fixed rare case of not being able to set max cargo space capacity via JS
* Fixed inability to refresh equip ship screen in the cases where buying a laser would
result in the player remaining with less cash than the laser's price
* Fixed missile AI apparently ignoring cloak activation
* Fixed trumble mission so it ends after nova if not before
* Fixed case of unintended reset to stick mapper first page when setting or unsetting
stick functions
* Credit values for contracts in the manifest screen are now formattable
* Fixed distorted sound on some Windows 32-bit systems
* Applied tentative fix for occasional null docking instructions in priority AI
JS script
* Fixed potential energy gain when shield boosters got damaged
* Fixed incorrect model reference in alloy shipdata definition
* Fixed potential division by zero crash in station market creation
* Capacities are now honoured for main system market
* Fixed long standing cached octree issues, resulting in interesting and quite
hard to reproduce collision bugs
* Fixed mission screen when background special is a chart so the chart is fully zoomed
in (for SHORT_RANGE_CHART) or fully zoomed out (for LONG_RANGE_CHART)
* Fix for chart on Mac retina screen
* Fixed crash when attempting to modify goods properties on a nil station
* Fixed incorrect parcel contracts indexing when more than ten parcel contracts
were present
* Fixed problem with tangent vectors not being orthogonal to normals
* Fixed a bug where diving into the atmosphere and then resetting player ship
position into open space via script would not reset the air resistance factor
to zero, with catastrophic results on sun glare, fog and cabin temperature
* Fixed bug where turning off the hud in a multi-page status screen would result
in the More and Back selections remaining, even if the equipment could fit in one page
* Fixed inability to remove OXZs with ogg files in the Music folder on Windows
* Fixed some Alt-Tab and fullscreen handling issues on Windows
* Fixed applying air resistance to the camera viewpoint rather than the ship
* Fixed sudden switch to black sky in certain external views in atmosphere, when the
camera was positioned far away from the ship
* Fixed bug where contracts would disappear upon assignment if the sender's name was
already existing in a different contract. Senders of the same name are now possible
* Fixed right arrow key (More) not working on status screen with big GUI enabled
* Fixed stray soft edge on Boa model
* missile_role had 10% chance of not being set for non-Thargoid ships (random missile
role was selected instead). This is fixed and changed so that the 10% chance of
random missile role selection happens only when auto_weapons is set in a ship's
shipdata.plist entry
* Removed inconsistency in Windows build, where Shift+Q was used as instant quit

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