Public Release of Version 1.35

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Public Release of Version 1.35

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Version 1.35 goes beyond simple emulation: it offers the player the opportunity to fly a variety of craft, to carry passengers and enjoy lucrative cargo contracts. Numerous issues from previous versions have been resolved, and the whole is a smoother, more intense hit of retro-styled space gaming.

Major changes to Version 1.35 from version 1.30:-

• Different ships can now be purchased.
• Many bug fixes (thanks to Peter, Steve, Mad Dan et al. at
• Improvements to HUD graphics.
• Further improvements to the AI.
• Passenger and Cargo contracts available to the player.
• Quicksave.
• Police and space station graphical improvements.

Download (20.9 Mb) from any of these links:

A patch (700 Kb) to upgrade an installation of version 1.30 or higher to version 1.35 can be downloaded from: ...

A 'lite' version (10.48 Mb with midi music instead of mp3) can be downloaded from: ... ...

Oolite and its source-code are offered for free under a modified BSD license.
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