Announcing Oolite v1.51

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Announcing Oolite v1.51

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Version 1.51 is faster, smarter and prettier than previous versions and is Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) compatible.

Faster - more aggressive file caching and graphics optimisations have boosted framerates even on G3 Macs.

Smarter - ship AIs and behaviours have been improved to make them more aggressive and harder targets.

Prettier - with procedurally generated skies and worlds, lit by flaming suns and criss-crossed by the plasma of energy weapons.

Changes to Version 1.51 from version 1.40

• New weapons and equipment.
• Two new classic missions built in.
• Play in unrestricted or 'strict' classic gameplay modes.
• Thargoids are many times more dangerous than before.
• Improved and expanded scripting for missions and AI.
• Graphics enhanced and speed increased again.

Update Patch: 815.4 Kb ...

Full disk image: 22.58 Mb

Lite Version (midi music): 11.31 Mb ... ...

Source code: Subversion Repository
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