Announcing Oolite 1.75.2 beta

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Announcing Oolite 1.75.2 beta

Post by JensAyton »

Oolite beta release 1.75.2 is now available from

Mac users are encouraged to test the built-in updater (select “Check for Updates…” from the Oolite menu, or wait for it to prompt you automatically).

Changes since beta release 1.75.1
  • New Linux/POSIX installer.
  • Disabled shaders on certain ATi GPUs using Gallium drivers because of crashes.
  • Clock adjustments now accumulate in the obvious way (Bug #17969).
  • Improved texture filtering for planets and generated emission maps (in non-shader mode).
  • Fixed bug where a ship was apparently attacking itself whenever one of its
    subentities was taking energy damage.
  • Friendly fire between ships in the same group, and between police, military
    or thargoid vessels, no longer leads to hostilities.
  • Ships following the player through a wormhole now have jump rings.
  • Ships with beacon codes now retain them after jumping to a new system. (Bug #18068)
  • Fixes to mass-dependent fuel pricing.
  • Fixed mouse control starting in yaw mode. (Bug #18052)
  • Descriptions.plist strings are now scanned for "%n", which could be used maliciously on GNUstep systems.
  • New AI message: ACCEPTED_ESCORT.
  • Various bug fixes, inluding Bug #17916, Bug #17919 and Bug #18083.
  • Raised certain JavaScript time limits.
  • The shipSpawned() event now fires for the main station.
  • Fixed scripted misjumps not working when set from within the shipWillEnterWitchspace() handler for wormholes created by NPCs.
  • NPCs in interstellar space can now jump back to their origin system. (Bug #18082), partial)
  • Scripts can no longer give the player an out-of-range target. (Bug #18011)
  • Q-mines awarded to NPCs in flight now work. (More accurately, q-mines for NPCs used to be represented internally as EQ_ENERGY_BOMB instead of EQ_QC_MINE.)
Known bugs
  • Intermittent crashes when removing pylon-mounted equipment (
  • Freeze when script resurrects a ship being killed by a Q-bomb (Bug #18054)
  • AI crash triggered by large groups of thargoids (Bug #18055)
  • Bugs related to repeated misjumps (Bug #18082)
  • Unhelpful docking clearance behaviour changing priorities when a ship is on final approach (Bug #17997)
  • Fuel indicator is not drawn correctly in interstellar space (Bug #18097)
  • Q-bomb explosions are not drawn properly on some systems (Bug #17276)
  • In some conditions, the "break pattern" effect is drawn off-centre.
  • Problem with roles of tharglets used as subentities (Bug #17979)
  • Problem with frame callbacks and jumps (Bug #17956)

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