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Birth of a Caddy

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:18 am
by Alex
Thoughts of Commander Alyabas from the Gertrude Oblitz Omega class Caduceus

If you are reading this.. Don't worry. Gertrude and I will find you.

Lets see, when Gerty found me.
It was going amazzingly. Being only a bit Dangerous I remember thinking no worries it'll be a doddle. Me and my decked out super cobby the Red Feather. Just a quick jump to Diuste. Collect me creds, have a nosh n splash then pick up a new hit. Easy peezzy.

Ye Right.

Apparently neither Red or myself were welcome at the bar, even with a clean rep, I checked. Something to do with the bar keeps daughter? I swear, I didn't touch her. Also, pretty damn sure he dilutes the occular poppin juice with afterburned G jump fuel tank residue. Mmm, try saying that after a couple.

Bars main guns opened up and so called 'mates' came a swarmin, looking for a bit of Red. Who am I to disappoint. Drew them out from the big guns and systematically went about giving them a bit of a spanking. Until.. God knows who turns up in an Imperial Courier. Started to give out a spanking.

Thought, I'll just go to main and get fuel. Pick up the creds n contract back down the ladder. Ye that worked a treat. Barsteward in the IC wasn't for just saying cheeryoh, relentless he was. My shields like fur on a chickens teeth, Energy, well what was that?
I knew, got enough fuel, make a quick jump back to Beused, let the insectoids deal with him.
But wether it was good or not, he got me as I entered the threshold. Nope wasn't Tharggy space. Was black.
Really thought I was dust. Light exploding somewhere out there.
Then I knew. I was looking at the edge of a super nova approaching.
Quick look at the HUD and dash, mm No dash, everything just dark except the expanding light flooding the cockpit.
There was a shadow moving fast in that light. Growing fast too. Getting bigger as though it was eating the light.

Next light I saw was aboard the Gerty. Me alone on a strange ship.

Opening only.