What is regarded as canonical in Oolite history

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Re: What is regarded as canonical in Oolite history

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<blinks in the bright starlight>

I lurk. Every now and again I pop up and gaze in awe at the amazingness that is the Oolite forum. Where it all began. Where I found out I wasn't alone.


Yes, the canonicity of Elite, Oolite etc... I think the official line from Frontier is that there IS no official line. Say to a Frontier Cult Member "hey, where does Elite fit into all this" and suddenly they get distracted by an invisible mushroom on the horizon.

I think Elite is slowly being shuffled into a corner and all of what went before is being "reinvented" from the perspective of history repeating itself. Over the last year I've seen developments in that game that are bringing it into a close parallel with how Elite was represented. GalCop = Alliance. Thargoids have been encountered and slowly starting to become hostile (no proof yet). INRA = AEGIS.

It's all looking somewhat...familiar... The wheel turns...

......I was never here.....

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