Testing eSpeak speech on Linux

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Testing eSpeak speech on Linux

Post by Getafix » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:21 am

Oolite package (autopackage) trunk has been updated (revision >= r3235)
to enable speech (oolite in-game option "Spoken Messages: On")
using the eSpeak-1.43.03 library.

This feature has been tested on
OpenSuSE1 1.1 (32bit),
Mandriva 2009 (32/64bit),
Ubuntu 8.04LTS (32/64bit) and 9.10 (32bit)
with success.

Fedora 11 (32bit) started with sound and after a few seconds just went mute.
I do not know if this is due to testing on VBox machine.
However, this issue was there, even without building the speech-eSpeak feature.

Debian 5.03 "lenny" has no default pulse-audio server/client setup, so I could not test that.
You need to add this from the repositories.
An alterantive could be to wait till the deb package is made available.

We are currently working on resolving some build conflicts between deb and autopackage packages and
soon this feature will be distributed as deb package also.

We would really appreciate some feedback on this feature.
In your reply, please, mention Linux distro, 32bit or 64bit, video card and which installer have you used (i.e. autopackage or repository).

Thank you.
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