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Re: Library

Post by Svengali »

Lib_MatFinder1.1 is online.

- Added note by a_c about gloss+specular
- Choices left aligned
- Handling for disallowed models via conditions
- Added Mode: Positions. Handling and logging for aft_eject_position, exhaust, missile_launch_position, scoop_position, view_position_aft, view_position_forward, view_position_port, view_position_starboard, weapon_position_aft, weapon_position_forward, weapon_position_port, weapon_position_starboard. The Positions mode requires shader support to visualize them.
- Testmode for view_positions
- Search for entity

Thanks to a_c and montana05.
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Re: Library

Post by Milo »

Please see here for an error report (Library version 1.7.1).
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Re: Library

Post by Cholmondely »

Just been looking at the Hyperradio stuff - and seen that it is now supposed to be supported by Library.

There is nothing written in clear understandable English on the wiki about what to do with Library and the Hyperradio files.

I downloaded the Library music "demo", but have no idea as to what to do with it! The F4 ship-station interface screen does not seem to allow me the option of playing the music in the demo.

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