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Re: Library

Post by Svengali »

Lib_MatFinder1.1 is online.

- Added note by a_c about gloss+specular
- Choices left aligned
- Handling for disallowed models via conditions
- Added Mode: Positions. Handling and logging for aft_eject_position, exhaust, missile_launch_position, scoop_position, view_position_aft, view_position_forward, view_position_port, view_position_starboard, weapon_position_aft, weapon_position_forward, weapon_position_port, weapon_position_starboard. The Positions mode requires shader support to visualize them.
- Testmode for view_positions
- Search for entity

Thanks to a_c and montana05.

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Re: Library

Post by Milo »

Please see here for an error report (Library version 1.7.1).

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