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Since my computer is still facing problems and probably will so for a while longer I decided to publish some modules I am working on. Please keep in mind that specially AI's and scripts are still under construction and the entire project is somewhere in the middle.

The target of this module will be to act as a big pool for Navy ships and somehow synchronize Galactic Navy, Military Fiasco and Behemoth while adding additional ships to all 3 OXP's without interfacing in the missions.

Comments / feedback / ideas / are more than welcome.

I would be more than happy if one of our graphics gurus is interested / got spare time to improve / modify some of the ships.


Most people still remember the day when all what was left from 3 carrier-groups were some escape pods
floating in interstellar space. Wave after wave of Thargoid ships, including new types like carriers,
left nothing to return to their base.

Another major reorganization was in order and it had to happen quick because every day men and material
were lost. The Navy Commander-in-Chief and the High Command managed in less than a year to build a new

A Galactic Command was established to coordinate (and watch) the 14 Sector Commands. Moreover it controlled
several battle- and carrier-groups by its own which could be fast deployed as support for Sector forces
when needed.

At well known Thargoid gathering locations in interstellar space well armed Navy bases and outposts were
build to act with the elite strike force of Asp Mark II Slayers as first line of defense. Sadly under the
pressure of the daily slaughters some of the pilots became unstable and went AOWL to join a secret
brotherhood of renegades or mercenaries.

To replace the loss on material and ships some productions were outsourced to private shipyards, adding
additional ship types to the fleet. The perspective of selling thousands of ships all the time cleared
the way for big discounts.

With (a lot) more ships serving in the Navy the structures of battle- and carrier-groups became more
flexible. While the number of ships in each group now was 17 various types of the same class could be
found. New elite squads were formed while others just reorganized.

In cooperation with local system governments a joint force, the System Guard Navy, was founded. While
mainly consisting out of local ships the Galactic Navy send some support like medical ships,
minesweepers and Constrictor Scouts. The big discounts that applied to the Galactic Navy made it possible
to sell selected ships cheap to local forces as well. Together with the generous offer to sell some
(aging) Navy constructions this tactic earned enough credits to further upgrade the new Navy.
In peace times the SGN supported Galcop and acted as defense (and attack) fleet for the local system
government, rumors have it that even assassins, pirates and smugglers were using the SGN-identification-
code. However, in case of a Thargoid invasion a Galactic Navy officer took over command to lead the
ships into battle.

To replace the loss on crews it was decided to hire for specific assignments mercenaries, officially
called contractors. Organizations like the Cosmic Wild Cards could never be trusted but they had
excellent pilots. Assigned to System Guard Navies and the Galactic Navy Reserve they proofed soon to
be furious fighters.

To view follow this link, its playable but still got plenty bugs: Galactic Navy Extend

Trying to survive behind the controls of a Caduceus Psi XT in Alpha test :lol:

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