Logger errors for OXP's?...that are already fixed?

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Logger errors for OXP's?...that are already fixed?

Post by Switeck »

These may or may not already be fixed and ready for v1.74 in later versions than I have...

For Bounty Scanner1.07:

[script.javaScript.warning.ooliteDefinedError]: ----- JavaScript warning (Bounty Scanner1.07 1.07): Ship.hasEquipment("EQ_FRAME_BOUNTY_SCANNER") is deprecated, use ship.equipmentStatus("EQ_FRAME_BOUNTY_SCANNER") == "EQUIPMENT_OK" instead

For Fuel Collector 0.06:

[script.javaScript.warning.ooliteDefinedError]: ----- JavaScript warning (Fuel Collector 0.06): Ship.hasEquipment("EQ_FUEL_SCOOPS") is deprecated, use ship.equipmentStatus("EQ_FUEL_SCOOPS") == "EQUIPMENT_OK" instead.
[script.javaScript.warning.ooliteDefinedError]: ----- JavaScript warning (Fuel Collector 0.06): Ship.hasEquipment("EQ_FRAME_FUEL_COLLECTOR") is deprecated, use ship.equipmentStatus("EQ_FRAME_FUEL_COLLECTOR") == "EQUIPMENT_OK" instead.
[Fuel Collector]: distance below 301
[script.javaScript.warning.undefinedProp]: ----- JavaScript warning (Fuel Collector 0.06): reference to undefined property this.DerelictCheckTimer
[script.javaScript.warning.undefinedProp]: ../AddOns/FuelCollectorV0.06.oxp/Scripts/frame_fuel_collector.js, line 764.

For Save Anywhere OXP 0.2:

[script.javaScript.exception.noProperties]: ../AddOns/SaveAnywhere.oxp/Scripts/frame_save_anywhere.js, line 269.
[script.javaScript.warning.undefinedProp]: ----- JavaScript warning (Save Anywhere OXP 0.2): reference to undefined property this.the_player
[script.javaScript.warning.undefinedProp]: ../AddOns/SaveAnywhere.oxp/Scripts/frame_save_anywhere.js, line 952.
[script.javaScript.exception.noProperties]: ***** JavaScript exception (Save Anywhere OXP 0.2): TypeError: this.the_player has no properties

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