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[RELEASE] - Accessories OXP

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Accessories OXP

14/7/2010 - v1.1 released with detail improvements to lighting effects.

16th Jan 2011
I have just discovered that there was a problem with this OXP not working properly on Mac computers. An un-detected error in the code was causing the lighting effects not to work. Thanks to Eric Walsh for alerting me to this, and supplying a fix.
v1.2 is available for download...see the Wiki page or Smivsonline.

Following the release of Oolite Version 1.74 I have started overhauling my OXPs to add lighting effects (such as emission and illumination maps).
I decided to start with the Supplement to Smivs'Shipset, and (after much thought) I decided it made sense at this time to split the Shipset and Supplement into two completely separate OXPs, one containing all the ships, the other for all the accessories.
To this end, all the minor ships have now been added to Smivs'Shipset OXP. The old Supplement has now been replaced by Accessories OXP.
I think concentrating all the accessories in one dedicated OXP will have many benefits, not least to those of you using other replacement ship sets (Griffs, Neolite etc) who can now populate your Ooniverse with some nice extras to go with your choice of ship.
Needless to say Accessories OXP is also the ideal companion to Smivs'Shipset as well.
Compared to the old Supplement, this OXP has new improved textures for most of the objects and also has the new fancy lighting effects.

Image removed as too large for the new BB. Full image gallery on the Wiki and Smivsonline.

I hope you like them :)

Accessories OXP can be downloaded here. More details and a download link can be found on the Wiki orhere on my Oolite page.
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