Enemies chickenning

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Enemies chickenning

Post by Frantic » Thu Apr 06, 2006 1:34 pm

This might have been mentioned by someone else already, but I 'd like to see a reduced chance that a formation member might chicken out and break formation. This could be from taking a glancing hit, or from a wingman being destroyed. I'll have a look and see if I can't do this mod myself, but I'd like some thoughts.

The calculation should be:

probability to chicken = courage_factor * (lost_a_wingman_factor + shot_by_player_factor + base_chicken_factor) * max_chicken_factor / formation_strength * player_strength


- courage_factor = a random number stored on creation of a ship entity from .01 to 2
- lost_a_wingman = 0.6
- shot_by_player = 0.3
- base_chicken_factor = 0.1 // small chance will chicken just because a teammate was shot once and chickened
- max_chicken_factor = 0.2 // so after being shot, and losing teammate, and evenly matched alone against player, only 20% chance of running
- player_strength = stock combat power of player's ship type
- formation_strength = avg stock strength of ships in formation * (1 + (1.25 * (ships in formation - 1)))

Calculate this for each ship entity when:

Once when first shot by player
Whevever a wingman breaks formation
Whenever a wingman is destroyed

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