Random destruction and priviteering: "bad guy" random hits

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Random destruction and priviteering: "bad guy" random hits

Post by FSOneblin »

Something I've been considering creating myself, but as I has no knowledge of java and no real coding experience (though I'm trying to learn) I thought I'd post it here. If someone wants to undertake this project I'd love to help out, though I could only do some simple additions.

"Random Hits" is possibly the best OXZ in the game, but what about the pirates? I know there are some OXP's/OXZ's based around legal status, providing some advantages and more disadvantages, but I've been thinking about some non-cargo related missions. While my memory is a bit fuzzy from when I played Assassins OXP when I was 12 or 13, those were one time missions, and I'm thinking about some sandbox missions, in the style of random hits, but instead of crazy people paying money to kill criminals who wronged them in some mild way (I got one who payed me 8000cr to kill a fugitive who took candy from his child), we deal with crazy criminals who want some legal entity eliminated. Or, we can also deal with planet governments, who can't take their wars to the stars because of Galcop's influence.

However, these will not be assassinations of specific individuals. These will be missions like:

"Those bounty hunters have gone too far, and need to be put in their places. We need you to destroy the seedy space bar in the (example) system. We'll give you (money) to hire some mercenaries (escorts) to help get the job done. We will pay you (money) when the job is done, plus (bonus) for any bounty hunters you capture while doing this." This would probably be the highest level mission.

"The rock hermit in (nearby system) has not been paying their protection money, and rumors are that others may follow suit. We will give you (money) to destroy it."

"We are (at war or having trouble with or competing economically or something else) with another government on out home world. We need you to (do something to hinder them, whether stopping a shipment, doing something to discourage tourism, or something else)"

"Another government on our planet has opened a trade outpost. We cannot have this economic competition. Destroy it."

"Our primary income is the export of (product). The (planet) system's export of (product) may hurt our economy. Destroy (number) civilian ships in that system to discourage traders from going there."

"Our primary income is the export of (product) to (importer). The (planet) system's export of (product) may hurt our economy. Recently, a (trade ship) signed a contract to export (some crazy number of product). Do not let the cargo reach (planet)."

"Galcop stepped up patrols in our planets economic rival's system, (planet), making it seem like the better option to traders. Destroy Galcop moral by shooting down (number) of their craft. Bring one captured law lizard to any station in the system, so he can tell everyone how one pirate brought down scores their comrades."

"There is a beautiful (species) captain by the name of (name) flying a (ship) in the (planet) system. She/he will be mine. Bring her to me, and I will award you greatly."

The easiest of these will pay a few thousand credits, and the hardest, well, quite a lot. So, what's the catch? In random hits, you sometimes will be attacked by your victim's family or gang member. Well, here we would have your victim's family and friends, but you killed more than one person, perhaps even several several dozen. All of their friends and family would be out to get you as long as you remain in that galaxy. Additionally, Galcop would begin to see you as a bigger threat than the thargoids. Not only would you have vigilantes chasing you, you would have to face assassinations and bounty hunters, and even the galactic navy will see you as a horrific monster that must be eliminated. Due to the high payoff of the high-level missions, you would be unable to dock in Galcop stations. Additionally, like with docking at a seedy space bar while an enemy of the law, you could be randomly attacked by people when docking at any station. These would not go away over time, and you would have to leave the galaxy to get them off your back. You would probably have to be a fugitive to accept these contracts. Failures would have similar consequences. The reward screens will try and make you feel bad about what you've done.

What do you guys think of these ideas?

I'm sorry if this post is hard to read and/or full of spelling and grammar errors. I have not quite woken up yet.
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