Compilation with external SpiderMonkey

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Compilation with external SpiderMonkey

Post by rion » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:43 pm


I know developers are trying to make intallation simple and stable enough but usually package maintainers for specific distros are not that happy with this approach.
The main problem is bundled dependencies. they increase compilation time, they supported not that good as main tree, they make the product/package heavier etc etc.
Well I keep Oolite package updated in my Gentoo overlay and while I'm happy enough by nature I can't say for everyone =)

In Oolite we have Mozilla JavaScript engine, which according to descriptions on GitHub is a plain copy of SpiderMonkey-1.8.5.
I tried to compile with Gentoo dev-lang/spidermonkey-1.8.5-r6 and it failed to build. So it seems Oolite has something older.
But after some patching I was able to compile it and if developers are interested in this here is what I have:

My Gentoo package: ... ion/oolite
The patch for external mozjs: ... ozjs.patch
Additional tricks for compilation here: ... ha1.ebuild

xmpp: rion [at]

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