Embrace Life...

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Embrace Life...

Post by capt.Pirk » Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:30 pm

You hear many stories of madness and bravery from the Ooniversal theatre of space.
Sadly, continuity is often compromised by 'multiple myrterdom' of the pilot concerned :o

When you are certain to die, ship sensors automatically eject the pilot via escape pod (acting on final energy bank level).
You will be returned back to the station minus your ship and
cargo. Your mandatory insurance policy will provide a new standard ship.
There could be an optional agreement at the beginning of new game to purchase a pod on borrowed earnings. You will have, as usual, 100CR to trade with.
However, 80% of profits will be allocated to payback your pod purchase until complete. Should you eject before payment completion, your new ship will be recovered for costs and you will be sold as slave item! :twisted:


Should you choose to take your chances (no pod), your game save will be defaulted upon certain death and well... too bad sonny! :P

Option 2: Introduce a visable 'Deathometer' in return for kept rating/inventory.

Introduce the above as aditional game modes.



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