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Do you think there should be in-game music?

Yes, BGM all the time!
Yes, but only on certain events, such as dogfights.
No, it would ruin the atmosphere of the game.
Total votes: 21

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Post by JensAyton »

Svengali wrote:I would like to hear some nice music ingame. Not always, but from time to time. And we'll have to think about some general stuff.
Get a Mac, use Oolite’s iTunes integration. ;-)
Svengali wrote:That means that sounds (like laser fire) should be between -6 and -3 db at a max. Higher values can result in digital clipping,
Keep in mind here that, under OS X at least, Oolite may be playing up to 32 sounds at once. That’s another -15 dB if you want to avoid clipping entirely…

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Post by Svengali »

Ahruman wrote:
Get a Mac, use Oolite’s iTunes integration. ;-)
I'm using hyperradio :-) and I'm talking about the absolute max value (peak). I think it is right to say that a lower average value is a safer way and digital clipping will not occur at -15 db. But music is a dynamic thing.

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