WickedLasers Pulsar 100mW and Sport Elite Goggles

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Cmdr. Maegil
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Sword-toting nut-job
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WickedLasers Pulsar 100mW and Sport Elite Goggles

Post by Cmdr. Maegil »

Yes, It might be considered spamming, but...

http://www.turbogadgets.com/2007/04/07/ ... e-goggles/

It's just that, wellll :roll:
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Post by Arexack_Heretic »

Please note that this concerns milliWatt pulsAR lasers, not megawatt pulse lasers as we are used to.
Granted this is a personal handlaser, but ... really!
The 'cooling system' seems to consist of carrying around a hand full of icecubes!

Surely, the planet this came from is a backwards dump, that was rated level1 technologically only on merit of there being no lower class!

The glasses are pure retro though, I like them.


I am also looking for a pair of round, metal rimmed dark shades.
You know the type, like the ones Rutgher Hauer wears in BladeRunner.
Or like those the evil sherriff wore in '..Brothers' with George Clowney.
Riding the Rocket!

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