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Makandal wrote: I keep asking, where is the file that gives the parameters for the planets ?
Afaik, there isnt any, it is hardcoded deriving from a random generator that however creates the same result each time.

Planetinfo.plist is the file you seek, but it is not there as default....
it needs to be added, The wiki offers exellent answers...
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It’s right here.

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TGHC wrote:Itneresting new Avatar Maegil, what on earth is it.
Captain Hesperus wrote:It's a close-up of a katana being drawn, the saya is on the right side and the tsuba, fuchigane and seppa are on the left. The tsuka is in the uttermost left.
Kyaputen Hesperus
Very well, CH. I'm pleasently impressed!
TGHC wrote:Ah thank you Cap'n, so it's not a horizontal lava lamp after all then
Given my persona's intended reputation as a borderline psycho, the idea was to convey a feeling of imminent danger, the (un)subtle menace of sudden mutilation. The visual version of "nan da to?!"(1) or even an unspoken "mapputatsuni hiki sakuwayo, manuke!!!"(2), if you get my drift...
Maybe I should re-edit the image and include a bit more of the tsuka (hilt) to make it more recognisable, maybe even add an expressively glaring eye behind it.
Captain Hesperus wrote:<EDIT> Arigatou. (Dammit, I nearly looked good there...)
Why did you thank for? If you hadn't, you'd have looked even better.

(1) "What did you say?!" As in English, given the proper context and intonation it has the meaning of "I dare you to say that again!"
(2) "I'll tear you in half, you bufoon!!!" In Japanese this expression carries a lot more power than in English (where it is already quite strong a threat), and whomever gets to the point of actually saying it is probably an Yakuza and means to do it in a most literal way. Anyway, if you ever hear it, RUN!
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