New stable release - 1.62-5

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New stable release - 1.62-5

Post by winston » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:58 pm

A new release of the 1.62 branch of Oolite for Linux is now available - version 1.62-5. This is a minor bugfix release, and incorporates the following bug fixes since 1.62-4:

- Joystick initialization now sets initial values from the current stick positions to prevent 'zero throttle until waggled' bug on first launch of the day.
- SDL_QUIT event now handled - this means the 'X' icon on the window now works, as does sending Oolite SIGINT
- Commander name overwriting/junkification fixed

The update is available from the usual places - the project page and Existing players can run 'oolite-update' to get the update. Otherwise, the usual locations:

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