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Re: [WIP/1.79-only] Communications Pack A

Post by Rustem » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:12 am

It is not fixed:

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20:40:27.543 [script.javaScript.warning.ooliteDefined]: ----- JavaScript warning (Oolite Pirate AI 1.80): Unknown expansion key [commsPackA_rebel_continuingAttackThargoid] in string.
20:40:27.543 [script.javaScript.stackTrace]:     template: "[commsPackA_rebel_continuingAttackThargoid]"
[commsPackA_rebel_continuingAttackThargoid] in string.
I got a small patch for this error. In a "descriptions.plist" file paste the following:

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        "commsPackA_generic_continuingAttackThargoid" = ("Focus on the mothership!","Try not to get distracted by the drones. We can pick them up later.","Where is [commsPackA_rebelstate] navy force?","Invasion is broken in my [commsPackA_rebelgroup2] system!","Where is [commsPackA_rebelgroup] pilots? Please assist!","I'm armed for this [commsPackA_codename_greek] wave [oolite_entityClass]!","[commsPackA_vicious_beginningAttackThargoid]");
It is right text?

Perhaps, a simple version:

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	"commsPackA_generic_continuingAttackThargoid" = ("[commsPackA_vicious_beginningAttackThargoid]");
That should eliminate the log file errors.

The part of the comms displace from commsPackA_generic_continuingAttackThargoid to _rebel_continuingAttackThargoid better because rebelgroup is not generic?
Then need edited template commsPackA_rebel_continuingAttackThargoid.

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Re: Communications Pack A

Post by cag » Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:16 am

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Warning: Unknown expansion key [commsPackA_pronoun] in string.
    Active script: Oolite Pirate Fighter AI 1.86
    oolite-priorityai.js, line 417:
    				message = expandDescription(template,params);
see line 358 in descriptions.plist, you're missing a '2'. It should read

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...,"I'm on [commsPackA_pronoun2]!",...
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