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Politically Correct

Post by Alex »

Once upon a time it ment Police Constable. Still does to me.
Makes me laugh that some get upset that I call a man hole a man hole and a fireman a fireman.

I'll make it straight with;
Who gives a damn who's under the uniform. If you can carry the required weight down a ladder from a flaming building, go into smelly tunnels without gagging and do the job. What does it matter your title.

I carry a pocket knife, most men my age do. Women don't. Mainly because they don't wear pockets. Heaven forbid you ever ask a woman what's in her hand bag! Considered very rude by woman.
Ask a man what's in his pockets. Usually respond with a joke, tell or show without much fuss. Just don't ask what's in his wallet.
I don't really know about that as I haven't carried one since my teens. It was a magnet for junk I'd/and never did use again.
Guide for woman.
Mans front pockets;
Stuff needed. Like keys and money.
Back pockets;
Stuff like shopping lists. Only remembered when required, if remembered to be put in.

What really peeves me is the pay difference for the same job.
Noo that really is sexist. Or not PC.

Well all you PCers. Is that a thread or can of worms to turn? :lol: :lol:
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Re: Politically Correct

Post by Smivs »

PC. Police Constable.
Doing one of the most un-PC (politically correct) jobs around. Think of it, when they are looking for a suspect it's something like 'White male, approximately 275 pounds aged 35-40'. You see it, don't you? Racist, sexist, body-shaming and ageist!
What they need is some clever progressive-liberal software to handle all this, which the Copper has on his PC (personal computer).
All hail the PC PC's PC 8)
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Re: Politically Correct

Post by spud42 »

gourd damn that was a un PC statment...lol
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Re: Politically Correct

Post by hoqllnq »

Alex wrote: Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:52 pm Ask a man what's in his pockets. Usually respond with a joke
"Just happy to see you..."
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