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Post by ffutures »

I was just wondering if there was any chance of seeing sky-moos, the Iron Chicken, or anything else related to the Clangers in a future expansion pack. Sky-moos would be interesting, they could be like asteroids except they actually change course occasionally and when you shoot them they turn into food, not ore.


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Re: Clangers?

Post by UK_Eliter »

Here is an astonishingly late reply.

I think that, well implemented, that would be good! The same goes for the Borg OXP, which someone did start implementing at some point.

I'd like to see the Borg try to assimilate Iron Chicken. I'd help the latter, obviously.

The difficulty lies in getting decent implementation. Just having something shaped like a chicken flying around and impersonating e.g. a Cobra III is not enough.

Also, and I think evidently: Clangers themselves should not fight. But they should make sweet noises.

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