Seeking past contributors

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Seeking past contributors

Post by JensAyton »

Various people have contributed to Oolite over the years, and they should all be properly blamed credited. For this reason, I have created a list, which I hereby present:

The Man: Giles Williams (aegidian)

Jens Ayton (Ahruman)
Nikos Barkas (another_commander)
Andrey Belov (timer)
Commander McLane
Chris Crowther (hikari)
James Hobson (Cmdr James)
Influence D
Olli Krienke (Svengali)
Dave MacLachlan (Jester)
Steve Murphu (Capt. Murphy)
Chris Morris (cim)
No Sleep Nigel
Vladimir A. Pavlov (pv4)
Dennis Pedersen (Frame)
Chip Richards (caracal)
Erich Ritz (drumz)
Darren Salt
Rob C Skilton (KZ9999)
Alex Smith
Dylan Smith (winston)
Konstantinos Sykas (Getafix)
David Taylor (dajt)
Eric Walch
Michael Werle (Micha)
Gary Wong (Y A J)

Is there someone missing from the list? Are you missing from the list? Can you fill in any question marks? Come on, don’t be shy. Any contribution that is or has been part of Oolite counts. Contributions to the greater Oolite community in the form of OXPs and support, while deserving of recognition, do not qualify for this particular list.

P.S.: lest Drama occur – not that I expect it – the list is in alphabetical order. While I knew that my surname starts with an A when I started the list, this appeared to me to be the fairest standard order.

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