Final Version

This is the last release of meQanno, as I transfer my efforts to OS-X.

  • Upgraded Meshwork import in line with Meshwork v1.5.2, Meshwork poses are now automatically converted into Model animation frames.

    This upgrade means that meQanno and Meshwork can at last be used to rapidly create new monsters for Quake.

    A new tutorial will follow as soon as I can get one together.


    version 1.14

    Fixed several outstanding bugs while I was bored and waiting for my G4 to arrive.


    version 1.13 Final

    This is probably the last release of meQanno for a little while. Real Life commitments are eating up my time in vast chunks, nevertheless I expect to get enthusiatic about Q2, Q3 and OpenGL in the next year, so there may be developments yet.

    Version 1.1.3 adds...

  • Transformations can be made to apply only to specific groups of frames by option-clicking the 'All Frames' button and specifying a string to be matched in the frame name.
  • Skins can be added/deleted.
  • The position and shape of an object can fixed across frames, allowing you to remodel (for example) the player weapon(s).
  • Yet more bug fixes.


    meQanno moves up to version 1.12

    This third release features many changes to knock the rough edges off of the User Interface and make meQanno easier to use.

  • More Apple-like file handling, with Save As, Revert, and a prompt to save changes when closing or quitting meQanno.
  • Navigation Services support in all open/save/import/export.
  • DXF support extended to Cinema4D and Amapi DXF files.
  • Skin window functionality improved with proper zooming up to 400%, enabling pixel perfect skin vertex positioning.
  • Minor bugs squished.


    meQanno Version 1.10b Now Available!

    This is the second release of meQanno, my modelling utility for Mac Quake.

    V1.10b resolves all the current issues and adds the following features:

  • HTML documentation, and an illustrated tutorial.
  • Enhanced DXF support, import and export models to most 3d modelling apps.
  • Revised skin construction, neater packing and Quakeworld compatibility.
  • Enhanced animation editing: import and export frame sequences and reorder animations via an elegant 'frame browser'.
  • All known bugs fixed!

    Old News:


    I've started a page of known issues and development progress with meQanno 1.00 that should shortly be resolved.

Giles Williams ©1998/1999


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