YaxJournal is a LiveJournal offline client for OS X.

About YaxJournal.

YaxJournal is no longer being developed and is incompatible with the current LiveJournal system.
Please do not email me about your problems with YaxJournal.

YaxJournal is a client for the online journal service LiveJournal.

In particular this is a well featured offline client, meaning you can download your journal, make changes and new entries to your own and shared journals without an internet connection or web browser, and synchronize those changes with your online journal whenever you choose.

It requires a LiveJournal account.

If you enjoy using YaxJournal, perhaps you'd like to make a contribution to the poor free-ware developers fund...


  • Make entries to your journal (or journals) offline.
  • Synchronize with your online journals.
  • Make entries to shared journals (LiveJournal communities).
  • Edit your past entries offline.
  • Personalise your entries with Current Music, Current Mood and Pictures (pictures can even be smart matched to your mood!).
  • Control the security level of your entries, and whether you allow comments.
  • Shows connection progress while synchronizing.
  • Access your LiveJournal pages via the Web menu.

You can check development progress of yaxjournal on its own LiveJournal page.

Using YaxJournal

Here's a download link for YaxJournal (as a compressed disk image).

Version 1.0.5 (2/1/2002)

Version 1.0.4 (23/8/2001)

Version 1.0.2 (22/7/2001)

Version 1.0.1 (20/7/2001)

Known Issues

Feature Comparison

The following grid indicates which features are working on each platform:
(information from LiveJournal's comparisons as published 12th July 2001)
  YaxJournal Web Win Gtk Mac Be Perl Tcl/Tk mIRC
Update Journal X X X X X X X X X
Single-Line mode
Large textbox entry mode X X X X X X X
Edit Friends X X X
... and Friend Groups X X
Edit History
(past entries)
Post non-public entries
(private, friends-only, certain groups...)
except by
friend groups
except by
friend groups
X except by
friend groups
(and remembers password, etc..)
X n/a X X
Spell-checker X X X X
Current Mood X X X X
Current Music X X X X
... with autodetect with WinAmp with XMMS


Giles Williams

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